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Supernatural beings have long been known in this world. Many exist, and even rule, among humans.

There are others still persecuted.



•Solar Eclipse 2017•

As the celestial event of August 21st reached totality, a new wave of strange happenings rolled through Dawnbreak and the surrounding boroughs. Initially, most citizens were slow to take notice; and it would only be in the following days that it became clear something was wrong. In a town known for bizzare events and strange disappearances, people went missing en masse. During the first forty eight hours more than a dozen citizens were gone without a trace.

There were no correlations between victims. Whatever force was behind this most stunning round of disappearances did not seem to discriminate by age, species, or gender; nor did location seem to play any part. Children caught up in the event were among the first to be noted absent, three reported within a matter of hours. Law enforcement, rescue agents and volunteers mobilized in a futile search. Over the next seventy two hours Dawnbreak’s police department was inundated with new cases. Stretched thin at the best of times, the department scrambled for answers.

It was as though the victims had simply ceased to exist. K-9 agents dispatched in search of the missing, in each and every case, either suddenly seemed to lose the trail or abruptly refused to go any farther. Even werewolves aiding the search were unable to track the missing, following trails to dead ends over and over again.

In the following weeks more disappearances would haunt the town. Already tight lipped and wary of outsiders, the local population began to withdraw further among creeping hysteria, hostility and suspicions of a cover up.

•The Breakdown•
  • The time slip phenomenon first appeared in Dawnbreak after the solar eclipse of 21 August 2017.
  • The time slips lasted for about 36 hours and resulted in mass disappearances throughout the town and surrounding boroughs. This was the largest scale event to date.
  • At present, time slips continue to open at random throughout the region; they are invisible to the naked eye. How long they are able to last undisturbed is unknown, but they typically seal once an unwitting individual has passed through.
  • Animals have been observed to behave strangely in areas where one of these phenomenon have occurred, as with instances of search and rescue dogs refusing to continue working.
  • •The Other Side•
  • Though few events have been witnessed directly, individuals that blunder into one of the slips are reported to have vanished into thin air.
  • After stepping through a slip, the individual will find themselves stranded in an era from the past, unable to return home.
  • Though the slips all lead back to the same era, they do not correlate geographically with Dawnbreak for reasons yet to be discovered. Individuals stepping through one find themselves transported to a region formerly known as Vallachea (more info coming soon).

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