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Welcome to Dawnbreak, Alevskaya. We are a small fishing and farming community that has long sought to remain in touch with our natural surroundings. It’s a quiet, close knit town for the most part. The locals can be a little rough, but they’re friendly enough once they warm up to you. However, odd things are known to happen around town. Every now and again mutilated corpses crop up near or within the forest, and it isn’t uncommon for citizens to disappear for weeks at a time – if they return at all. Those who do know what’s happening certainly aren’t telling, but rest assured we’ve got everything under control. You’ll do fine here – assuming you don’t cause us any trouble, understood?
- Mayor Elijah Holiday


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 WORLD GUIDE, Maps and Geographical Regions

Dead Before Daylight is set in an alternate universe which coincides with Earth. While they are geographically similar, some names and locations are unique to the DBD universe. At present, the primary settings of play are Dawnbreak, Alevskaya and the region of Vallachea.

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Dawnbreak exists in the state of Alevskaya, which correlates roughly to earth’s present day Alaska, specifically near the southeastern foothills of the Kuskokwim Mountan range and south of the Togiak Wildlife Refuge.

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Vallachea is the region in which the medieval storyline takes place. It exists in geographic correlation to modern day Europe, most notably Romania. Culturally, Vallachea is an amalgamation of Romanian, Germanic, Scottish and Irish traditions.


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