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Supernatural beings have long been known in this world. Many exist, and even rule, among humans.

There are others still persecuted.



 Absinthe with Faust, REDFORD FAMILY WANTED
The Redford Clan

The Redford clan was a prominent family withing the first pack to settle Dawnbreak - before town was founded and the mines first opened. They are a tight knit family who generally hold kin above all else, though after the division of the original group they led their faction on to become what is now known as Savage River. A number of Alphas and Beta's have hailed from the Redford Clan since.

Originally a Scott-English family of werewolves, the Redfords originally immigrated to North America in the 17th century to escape persecution (both for pagan traditions and due to witch hunts) and have since become the standard American amalgamation of cultures.

Though generally a fairly patriarchal group, the family is presently headed up primarily by their matriarch Clarissa "Granny" Redford and, to a somewhat lesser extent, the patriarch Robert Redford.

Old money still lingers in the family, but present day professions are spread all over the spectrum between white and blue collar, with the latter being arguably more common. The Redford men were some of the original law-men in Dawnbreak during its foundations, and have since maintained a long history of careers in law enforcement. To this day they maintain a significant presence as troopers in Dawnbreak, and the family is largely responsible for maintaining Savage River's monopoly over the local department.

Played Family Members

Clarissa Redford - Matriarch, Staff NPC
Red Redford - Savage River Alpha [Dragon]
Seth Redford - Savage River Enforcer [Dragon] Danae Redford - [Sinful]


The following are illegitimate Redfords:

Dane Cleary
Logan Black

Adoptable Family:

Other Adoptables

Red Redford

    Red has several siblings, both male and female, possible ages ranging from 34-53
    Children from Red's siblings are likewise up for adoption. Extant such characters, for example, are Andrew, Cody, and Dixon

NPC Family

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