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Posted by: Grim Sep 15 2017, 10:15 AM

These Canon Characters are created by DBD Staff, and are playable by members. Please contact Grim or DragonBlue if you are interested in picking one of these characters up.

Please remember that these characters were made for a specific purpose, and that willingness to collaborate with DBD Staff is necessary. Until they are taken, Canon Characters will be played by staff as needed.

- Your OOC Name
- Other Characters you play
- Any ideas/preferences for the character that may not be in the write-upI

Posted by: Grim Sep 15 2017, 10:16 AM

Emmett bishop
- Age -
- Gender -
freelance writer
- Occupation -
- Sexuality -
witch - solis
- Species -
in cinere coven
- Faction -
- Rank -
david tennant
- Playby -
Human Appearance

- charming
- good with words
- social chameleon
- jealous
- dramatic
- vengeful
Positive Traits
  • Intelligent
  • Talented
  • Negative Traits
  • Jealous
  • Power hungry
  • History
    The Bishop family, like the Proctor family, can be traced back as far as the Salem Witch Trials. They, along with many others, got out alive thanks to the Proctor family, and soon after began working closely with the family as a new coven began to form.

    The Bishops, however, never quite had the same ease the Proctors did when it came to leading and running things. Whereas the Proctors have had a steady grip on the coven for years, the Bishop family has been in and out of leadership positions, some of them being successful and others putting a stain on the family name.

    Emmett, a talented man from the Bishop family, is not okay with being considered inferior. He is interested in taking over the coven by whatever means necessary.
    Rowan Proctor - Ex Fiance, played by Grim
    This will be updated as we go along!
    - Notes -

    Posted by: DragonBlue Oct 19 2017, 04:55 PM


    henry ian cusick
    Elijah is an attractive man, with chocolate brown hair and matching eyes. Despite his formal position in the town, his hair is frequently mussed just the way he likes it, a few strands perfectly out of place. When not at work he is a very casual but still neat man, preferring clean, crisp jeans and button up shirts (always with the sleeves rolled up to the elbow.)

    He stands at about 5’11”, and although he isn’t a wall of muscle it is evident that he puts some care into his appearance, if only for the sake of news appearances and other press-related events.

    Before anything else is said, let it be know that Eli is kind. He is smart, analytical, and willing to make tough decisions, but he is a very kind man that values dignity and human life above all else.

    That said, Eli is not naive. He knows that bad things happen to good people, good things happen to bad people, and sometimes things just don’t fall into place. Good requires effort, and nothing happens without elbow grease from someone, and often good has an opposite and equal reaction. Sometimes good have to do morally questionable or even downright immoral things in order for positive change to occur.

    With a friendly smile and warm eyes, it is easy to see Elijah as just another nice person, but he came to be respected in both the human circles and, to an extent, the werewolf circles, for a reason.

    Positive Personality Traits: kind, diplomatic

    Negative Personality Traits: cynical, martyr

    Neutral Personality Traits: analytical, tough

    Nobody knows exactly where Elijah Holliday came from. He has no family in the area, no family friends, nothing that would have pulled him to Dawnbreak. He arrived in his mid twenties, decided to call it home, and that was that. The work to make the town better began, along with his dedication to being a civil servant.

    He was looking for something to fix. Coming from a wealthy family, Elijah’s life was wonderful until he turned twenty. Married young after impregnating his high school sweetheart at seventeen, he had a sweet, rowdy baby boy and a beautiful wife. He was introduced to an entirely new world when his child was born after only six months, when his wife realized that she couldn’t hide the truth anymore.

    Open minded and young, Elijah didn’t understand why werewolves were kept a secret. He was excited about it, thought that people knew better than to kill each other en masse based on simple differences like that. He loved his family and respected his wife, but he wanted to show her that people would accept her, help her ease into merging her secret identity with the one that everybody knew and loved. He didn’t want his child to grow up in fear.

    He only told trusted family friends at first. He wanted to come to his wife with a big, romantic gesture, showing her all at once how many people loved her no matter what differences they had. He had no way of knowing that his best and oldest friend was a hunter, that his wife and child would be murdered while he was at work not a day after breaking the news.

    Elijah’s belief that all people were good with some bad mixed in died that day. He left his hometown and began travelling, unable to stay at the home where he’d essentially put his family up for execution. When we was twenty four he ended up in Silvebrook, and he’s stayed there since.

    Over the years, Elijah became familiar with the packs, and while pushing himself deeper and deeper into the politics of the town he essentially made himself a pain in the ass for them to kill. Rather than a target, he became an ally, particularly when he was elected as Mayor. Elijah serves as an impartial human go-between for the packs, on fairly good terms (as far as he is aware)with the alphas.

    - Wife and Son, deceased.
    - Seth Redford, Lazarus Kane, Riley Thompson, Gabrielle Cleary, Benjamin Green, associates/friends (on varying levels)
    - Clarissa Redford, Shiobhan Cleary, Astrid Viksberg, mentors/friends

    Other Characters: NPC
    ♥ SARA!

    Posted by: DragonBlue Oct 19 2017, 05:07 PM

    Since the destruction of the Red River Society, Jack has become a freelance hunter. However, his real business lies in blood sport. Along with his nephew Clay Hunter, Jack live captures werewolves and other supernatural creatures and forces them to fight for the entertainment of an underground audience.


    Jack stands over six feet with thick muscle. With a deep voice and harsh, judgmental eyes, Jack is not always a comfortable person to be around. Although he can put on a friendly, helpful demeanor for the purposes of his job as a doctor, it is simply a job that he took to further narrow the range if wolf suspects as a hunter. He is often found in simple clothes outside of work, jeans and t-shirts that are easy to move in, as well as coats large enough to hide weapons beneath.

    He is a tightly wound man, paranoid and watchful. Jack often comes off as relaxed, potentially because he doesn't fear many people and feels confident in his abilities to defend himself, but a closer look will often inform one that he is tense more often than not.

    Jack has very controlled body language, and often finds it easy to "tune into" the situation - whether it be friendly, teasing, or his personal favorite, intimidating.

    Height/Weight - 6'3", 231lbs

    Hair Color/Eye Color - light brown, light brown

    Jack is a product of his environment, nothing more, nothing less. It is simply unfortunate for those around him that his environment was not a particularly pleasant one. Raised in a family that produced hunter after hunter, each generation more capable and hateful than the last, Jack is under no delusion that he is doing the right thing. He doesn't care about that, nor does he care about protecting humanity. He simply wants to hunt.

    Jack is a talented doctor and diagnostician because of his logically oriented personality. He enjoys puzzles and figuring things out. Despite having gone into the profession for the sole purpose of getting information on werewolves in a setting where it can often be easier to pick them out, he enjoys his job. His personality outside of work, where he helps people, is vastly different. Jack does not pretend to be a nice man outside of work. He enjoys hurting people simply for the sake of hurting them, and his medical knowledge makes him particularly apt when it comes to torture, a skill often used when retrieving information. He is what some might consider a broken man, with very little empathy or sympathy. Whether he simply doesn't understand the emotions of others or doesn't care is up for debate.

    Positive Personality Traits - intelligent, analytical

    Negative Personality Traits - cruel, cold

    Neutral Personality Traits - realistic, bold

    Jack's family has been a part of the Red River Society nearly since its inception, and hunted wolves long before that. Although some of the truly believed wolves to be evil, for the most part they did it for sport, like one might hunt any other large creature. Once wolves caught on that the family was a risk to their way of life, the hunters became the hunted and there was a short period of fear before the family hit back hard, training and doing research and truly becoming cold killers.

    Jack's family is rarely together. They go where they are needed, where they're told to go, and most recently Jack was sent to Dawnbreak after his nephew to help take care of the “furry little problem" in the small Alaskan town. Some might consider it unusual that the family doesn't communicate with each other when they are not together, and those who are aware that they even exist often wonder if the distinct lack of care, comfort, or closeness attributed to Jack's cold personality.

    He has been in Dawnbreak for several months, and has already done a number on their werewolf count, particularly with the Loners. His nephew, Jason Hunter, is also active in Dawnbreak, and Jack is proud to see that his nephew has kept the family side business going - capturing live wolves to use for sport and blood, their past time is both sadistic and lucrative, and Jack is excited to get back to his roots. One of the few Red River Society members to survive the purge led by Seth Redford and Savage River, Jack continues to hunt with his nephew as fringe agents now focusing primarily on running their fighting ring.

    Relationships - Father, Mother, Younger Sister, Youngest Brother (ALL NPC)
    Jason "Clay" Hunter - Nephew (played by Dragon)
    ♥ SARA!

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